About WRPD

WRPD is organized to educate and empower the disabled to overcome barriers of employment, as well as providing, financial, emotional and spiritual support to the disabled.

WRPD exists to train and educate the disabled to gain personal and professional growth resulting in employment as well as to provide spiritual, emotional and financial assistance to families dealing with these issues.

WRPD’s goal is to introduce varying methods of care, training and education from a variety of ethnic cultures, to cultivate traditional and nontraditional methods to create a significant improvement in the lives of the disabled, to break the cycle of dependency and fear, and to produce a workforce ready clientele and productive disabled individuals.

Executive Board

Walter Mitchell, Co-Founder and CEO
Pastor Cheryl Hodge, Co-Founder and CFO
Andrea Cunningham, Vice President
Vacant, Executive Secretary

Board members

Rodney Hicks, Pastor of Outreach
Gregory Coker, Veteran Affairs